2020-2021 Schedule:

COVID-19 has changed all of our routines and schedules. To ensure safety and the health of our students and staff, our classes will be going online. We are aiming to begin virtual lessons on November 7th. At this time, a few different things will occur:


1. Students who are new or have participated in YMA for less than 1 year (this includes students from last year who participated up until March) will begin virtual general music classes. They will learn music theory, songs, and movement activities to help them grow as musicians. For these beginning musicians, it would be rather difficult to learn violin virtually, especially when it comes to tuning. Therefore, they will be assigned a violin once we are able to safely return to in-person instruction. 


2. Students who have participated with YMA for over one full year will register for a time slot to come and be sized for their violin on 11/7/2020 beginning at 10 am. These students who have had more time to understand the instrument and handle tuning, will be able to participate in virtual violin lessons. On 11/14, these students will begin virtual lessons.


Both groups will participate in virtual lessons from 10-11 am on Saturdays throughout November. They will utilize breakout rooms to be put into their different groups. 


We are hopeful in the new year to resume in-person classes contingent on Alamance County maintaining low COVID-19 rates. 


Our first quarter parent meeting will be on Wednesday, October 28th from 5:30-6:30 pm. 


Traditional Schedule:

YMA meets every Saturday (excluding national and school year) holidays.  The lessons are held in our donated rehearsal space at the First Reformed United Church of Christ at 513 W Front Street, Burlington, NC.  A hot, healthy lunch is served to students during a break in lessons.

After School lessons are held throughout the school year at Broadview Middle School, located at 2229 Broadview Dr, Burlington, NC 27217.  These lessons are held Mondays and Wednesdays (excluding national and school holidays and teacher workdays).  A healthy snack is served to students prior to lessons beginning each day.


Lessons are taught by qualified music instructors, many of whom are teachers in the Alamance Burlington School System.    

Advantages of Music Education for Children


1. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning

2. A mastery of memorization

3. Students learn to improve their work

4. Increased coordination

5. A sense of achievement

6. Kids stay engaged in school

7. Success in society

8. Emotional development

9. Students learn pattern recognition

10. Better SAT scores

11. Fine-tuned auditory skills

12. Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity

13. Music can be relaxing

14. Musical instruments can teach discipline

15. Preparation for the creative economy

16. Development in creative thinking

17. Music can develop spatial intelligence

18. Kids can learn teamwork

19. Responsible risk-taking

20. Better self-confidence

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